The Rooms Outside Range

We build all studios ourselves from scratch. As a result you can have any shape, size or configuration you want – it’s all about what suits you and your garden and at no extra cost

Cedar Range

Foundations: Concrete pad and block footing. or 850mm galvanized metal screw pile driven into the ground average 12 per studio.
Timber Frame: floor- 125 x 44 Treated Joists Wall – 100 x 44mm Stud Work Roof – 150 x 44mm Joists.
Doors & Windows: uPVC A rated Double glazed glass in advanced 70mm A rated frames, 2 colours available Black (Outside), Black (Inside) Grey (Outside) RAL 7016, White (inside).
Insulation: Cellulose Insulation, Blown into timber frame. Plasterboard and Skim coat finish
Roof: ECO seal EPDM Rubber Top Coat Roof Capping 2.0mm Aluminium Formed.
Electrical: 4 Double Sockets, Choice of White, brushed stainless steel or polished chrome. 4 LED Inside Spotlights 3 LED Outside Spotlights 1 Electrical Panel heater 1 Fuse Board
Laminate floor: €14 per sq mtrs, foil underlay and primed MDF skirting boards.
External Cladding: Horizontal or Vertical Cedar Cladding.
Aluminum plinth around Exterior base.

Additional Information: ( Ecocel is natural fibre insulation Made in Ireland)

Ecocel insulation is a natural product made from newspaper and other paper products. Ecocel produces cellulose  insulation by reusing paper and treating it  with inorganic salts adding amazing superior resistance to fire mould and insect vermin and bat friendly.

Warmth: Studies of Buildings insulated with cellulose natural fibres show 30-40% reduction in energy demand when compared to man=made fibres,when using the same depth of insulation.

Fire resistant non Flammable: The Ecocel process mixes fire retardants with cellulose to make insulation that is complaint with fire regulations standard.

Ecocel is also used in acoustic partitions where party walls and sound has an impact.

Certified by SEAI and NSAI

Rooms Outside Dublin Cedar Range
  • 12 Sq Mtr + Vat =€15,254.00
  • 20 Sq Mtr  + Vat =€25,424.00
  • 25 Sq Mtr  + Vat =€31,780.00


Double glazed glass is standard in all our Garden rooms

Optional extras for glass include
: Triple glazed glass
: Acoustic glass
: Obscured glass
: Tinted glass
: Mirrored glass
: Blackened glass

Spruce Range

Foundations: Concrete pad and block footing..
Timber frame work in walls 100mmx 44x structural graded timber.
Windows and door: PVC double glazed A rated.
Insulation: Walls; 100mm high density Earthwoll Insulation.
The floor 80mm King span Insulation, ceiling 150mm Earthwoll Insulation.
Floor: 18mm OSB 3
Ceiling and Walls: Skim coat plaster finish.
Roof Capping 0.7 mm Black Aluminium
External Cladding: Horizontal or Vertical kilin dried Micro Shading Spruce

  • 3 double sockets.White
  • Fuse board
  • Smoke Alarm
  • 4 LED spotlights; brushed or polished chrome finish
  • 1 Outside Light
  • Electric panel heater
Spruce Range
  • 15 Sq Mtr. 14,300 Eur Inc Vat
  • 20 Sq Mtr. 19,100 Eur Inc Vat
  • 25 Sq Mtr 23,800 Eur Inc Vat

Optional Extras

Varnish Package 600 Eur

Quotations for:

  • Heating and cooling air conditioning units
  • Bathrooms
  • Plumbing
  • Partition walls
  • Water
  • Waste and electrical connection to main house

Are available on completion of our free site survey.

Think you have a small garden? Think again. At RoomsOutside our buildings start at 9 Sq Mtrs.